Fender Stratocaster Bruno Mars Signature 2023 – Mars Mocha

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Get ready to channel your inner 24K Magic with theirresistibly elegant Fender Bruno Mars Stratocaster. The Bruno MarsStratocaster is crafted from resonant ash with sculpted American Ultra bodycontours for superior comfort and unparalleled access to the upper registers ofthe fingerboard. The Mars Mocha Heirloom nitrocellulose lacquer finish createsa gracefully aged aesthetic while allowing for maximum resonance and pure tone.The 9.5-12-inch compound-radius maple fingerboard and stainless-steel fretsprovide a silky, polished feel for smooth bending and effortless playability.The custom Bruno Mars Stratocaster pickups are fine-tuned to achieve Bruno’sfavorite tones for classic Strat sparkle and singing lead sounds. The 2-PointSynchronized Tremolo and Deluxe Locking Tuners provide enhanced tuningstability with modern convenience, while a full complement of Heirloom AgedGold Hardware gives this high-performance guitar the broken-in look and feel ofa well-used, treasured instrument. Also included are a custom leopard printstrap and an extra 3-ply mint green pickguard. A guitar as bold andelectrifying as the man himself, the Bruno Mars Stratocaster is a must-have forplayers seeking classic Strat sparkle with a silky twist. This is a 6-stringright-handed electric guitar available in Mars Mocha color.

Ash Body with American Ultra Contours

Defined midrange. The American Ultra tapered neck heelallows unparalleled access to the upper registers of the fingerboard, while thesculpted rear body contour is designed for superior ergonomics and comfort.

Mars Mocha Heirloom Nitrocellulose Lacquer Finish

Fender’s Heirloom aging process replicates the gracefullyaged aesthetics of a treasured, well-used and broken-in instrument. TheNitrocellulose lacquer finish allows for maximum resonance and the purest tone.

9.5 to 12-Inch Compound Radius Maple Fingerboard withStainless Steel Frets

Built for speed, comfort, and easy bending, the 9.5-12 inchcompound-radius fingerboard is rounded near the nut for chording, becomingincreasingly flat as it nears the upper register for choke-free bending.Stainless steel frets provide a refined and silky polished feel.

Custom Bruno Mars Stratocaster Pickups

Fine-tuned to achieve Bruno’s favorite tones, this signatureset features two single-coils in the neck and middle positions and a Noiselessbridge pickup delivering classic Strat sparkle and quack with singing leadsounds.

2-Point Synchronized Tremolo and Deluxe Locking Tuners

This 2-point tremolo design features bent-steel saddles forclassic tone and a pop-in tremolo bar for modern convenience. Locking tunersoffer increased tuning stability and make for faster and easier string changes.

Heirloom Aged Gold Hardware

A full complement of gold high-performance hardware,gracefully aged to match the look and feel of a treasured, well-used, andbroken-in instrument.

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